Retained Staffing

Our business strengths work for your business advantage

A company with a robust and technically sophisticated capacity for sourcing and recruiting that can identify, reach out to, and keep in touch with the whole universe of potential candidates is what that can assure you of getting the best, most appropriate talent possible.


Our well functioning department helps our clients reduce cycle times, recruit higher-quality candidates who are a strong fit, and reduce turnover and all the associated costs including premium outside spending and productivity malaise. But what is a well-functioning staffing department? What are the nuances?

Need Assessment – Each of our Principals has served in senior management roles in several sectors, thus providing a unique resonance with our clients and their businesses as well as deep personal insight into the impact positions for which we recruit. We understand at a personal level - not just an intellectual level - the dynamic environment in which our clients operate

Personal Involvement – Our Principals are personally involved in each search from start to finish, resulting in a more rapid and effective search process that ensures the most qualified prospective candidates are professionally contacted and persuasively presented with our clients' opportunities.

Automated Database – While most search firms rely on information available on portals which by the way, is available to all; there is nothing unique that they bring to the table. Our database is what sets us apart. Built meticulously over years of PR and sustained contact through many Hi-Tech giants- MAXHIRE; it’s probably the most updated and exhaustive.