Launches & Promotions

Reduce spend, increase the speed/visibility and control risk

Our fundamental belief is that businesses exist to create customers.

As a people company our focus is on the succinct, precise communication of our clients’ product’s/service’s unique value to a chosen group of prospective customers using the most appropriate and effective marketing methods. We have developed a proven, scalable methods for extracting key data, determining unique positioning and messaging, and creating precise communications that focus on the needs of our client’s customers.

Our focus is on achieving your marketing objectives, not on promoting our expertise.


Accepting only a small number of long-term engagements allows us to work directly on your project and add the greatest value to your marketing programs. Disciplined project scheduling enables us to consistently meet deadlines without a single failure to date. And we’re used to short deadlines. A flexible resource model enables us to respond as the workload fluctuates.

We count ourselves very fortunate to have worked at leading groups, applying world class business processes to take products from specification and development, through market introduction and launch to become de facto industry standards.

We perform both large and small projects – complete product launches, marketing campaigns and various promotions , ongoing lead generation programs etc. At any one time we serve only a small number of clients but usually provide to them a wide range of marketing services.

While the initial engagement may be for a specific short-term project, our clients continue to engage us over the long term. This allows us to provide maximum value and help them achieve their business objectives. Familiarity with a client’s products and customers means that we can respond very rapidly and work more efficiently.

And our philosophy is that a product launch ends only when the product has achieved a commanding position in a defensible market segment – and that means continuous long-term marketing.