Background Verification

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Many employers discover rather late; that they have hired a critical resource with significant discrepancies in their resumes like fake education degrees, fictitious experience/certificates, hyped-up achievements to trap prospective employers

It is also unhealthy and harmful for your office ecosystem to hire an employee with past criminal records or severe misdemeanors that can influence the peers to do wrong in the near future.

The cost of hiring such misfit personnel not only drains your money for visa expenses, irretrievable salaries and other relevant expenses but it just kills your work-days and affects the stability and hence your reputation in the business circles.

The reality is that the organization’s reputation is at stake in case you hire someone with questionable background. Brand equity and value can be adversely impacted if it is known that an organization didn’t do enough due diligence before recruiting a certain individual who had questionable background

MAC Group’s verifications practice helps organizations in conducting background checks of prospective employees which can assist in taking the right hiring decision. We provide a complete range of pre-employment screening services in a flexible, timely and cost effective manner.

Our background reports even list down the prospective employee’s working style, motivating factors, his/her approach/attitude , the positive and negative attributes that can help you to streamline your people, team-structure and processes for reaping better business results for your team.

1. The Cost of Negligent Hires
2. Employee Fraud and Theft
3. Substance/Staff Abuse
4. Being Held Liable for the Unknown Facts

Data shows that individuals with questionable background tend to join organizations that do not conduct background screening of its employees. All such individuals take necessary steps to flawlessly appear to be ideal candidates for your team during the interview period.

Hence, when organizations do start conducting background screening, they find employees who have misrepresented facts on their resumes or have a criminal background prefer to leave than be found out, when they announce background screening.

This is a good proof of how background screening becomes a deterrent against employees or prospective employees misrepresenting facts during interview or on their resumes ..